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Monday, September 22, 2014

What we learn from a children's book

This week we are exploring the book called 'The Little Red Hen.' Have you ever relalized just how much you can learn from a book and how many activities can extend the learning process. Reading a simple children's book can lead to so many wonderful learning experiences. The experiences will get your imagination working and your critical thinking skills blooming.

In our sensory area, my two friends are using a play dough mat with a number and the name of the number on it. For this activity, the children will make play dough hen eggs to match the number of the little red hen eggs drawn on the mat. They are using critical thinking, number recognition, and fine motor skills.

At the manipulative table, the boys are using the little red hen lacing cards. This activity takes a lot of skill. The children are using much needed concentration, patience, critical thinking and hand eye coordination. 
In dramatic play area, the children are using their imagination by pretending to bake whole wheat bread. They are following the 1-4 step directions from the book 'The Little Red Hen.' The strategies being used are one to one correspondence,using numbers, and counting. They are also using some of the many social emotional skills such as, taking turns, approaches problems with flexibility and share and respect the rights of others. 
At this sensory table, this child with their parent,who is volunteering, is experiencing just what flour and oats feel like and the difference between the two. A wonderful hands on experience. 
This child is independently working on the iPad to retell the story using an interactive book.

In this egg sorting activity, this child is using the skillls I've mentioned above as well as communication and processing skills as he retells the sequence to the teacher.

These are just some simple activities that can be used as learning opportunities but were introduced by a simple book. 

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