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Friday, September 5, 2014

Teaching Responsibility

With children growing up as fast as they do, have you ever wondered, when do I begin to teach my child to be responsible for cleaning up their own "messes?" We start teaching our children at Partners In Learning how to clean up after themselves at an early age. Children as young as 12 months, yes 12 months, can learn to clean up. If we start teaching them with hand over hand techniques in the beginning, they will soon learn the art of cleaning. Make it fun, make it a game, sing songs to get their interest. 
While helping them clean, explain why we are no one gets hurt on a toy, so the toy doesn't get broke, because it's time to eat, time to go outside, etc. Not only do we teach the children to clean up toys, books, art materials, learning centers, and the playgrounds,  we also teach them to clean up after themselves at meal times. Children as young as 2 are able to take their plates and scrape the food off of it in to the trash and place the plate and spoon/fork in the tub. The same goes for them pouring out any milk that may be left in their cups. You may be asking yourself, why are the teachers having such young children do this? The answer is simple, if we start teaching them at a young age, increasing the difficulty as they grow and develop, by the time they are in "big school" they have had the experience of being responsible for cleaning up their "messes", helping them become successful and independent. One of the best ways to teach your child, is to set a good example in everything you do. 


Cindie Irvin
CEO, Chief Energy Officer
Afternoon Supervisor 

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