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Monday, September 15, 2014

Circle Time Fun

Starting out our day in the dolphins class is always so much fun. From the moment the children kiss their parents goodbye, learning time is the classroom has begun. 

This morning during our instructional learning time we introduced a new theme "down on the farm" using a felt/flannel board for the lesson.  The felt/flannel board in an awesome tool to use with your children. It gives the child a visual on what you are trying to teach them and allows the child to have extra time to stimulate their own thought processes and interpretations.

Ms. Kelly is teaching positional words for example, above, below, beside, in, and on. This child is actively engaged and having a positive learning experience while making his own interpretations on positional words.

To re enforce the concept of the theme, the children dressed up and became the farmer while singing the song "Old Macdonald."  

This child is learning how to share and recognize the feelings of others and the other child is learning how to respond appropriately.
When our instructional time is complete the children then build on what they have learned through constructive play in our learning centers.

From group time to open center time, children are building their minds while having fun.

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