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Partners In Learning Blog Team
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bringing Field Trips To Us!

Do you remember going on field trips when you were in school? Well, so do I. They were so much fun. At Partners In Learning our children go on several field trips a year, well, the older children that is. Why is it only the older children you might be thinking. Only children 3 years of age and old are allowed to ride the buses. So, that leaves our very eager to learn 2's and younger with no field trip experiences. Not so fast, our wonderful teachers in the Polor Bears class, Samantha Brown and Sara Helms make sure our 2's and under have that experience of a field trip without leaving the center. Just this week they had members from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, and the Salisbury Fire Department come to the center. Not only is this fun for the children and teachers, it's a great learnig experience. With everything that children hear and see, some are very afraid of the sheriffs deputies and fire fighters. This is a wonderful time to education our younger children that the sheriffs deputies and fire fighters are there to protect us and help us. Some children are especially afraid of all the gear the firefighters have to wear. But when they can see the firefighter, all of the gear, and watch it being put on, while the firefighter is explaining what is happening, it seems to put the children at ease. There is also another way Sam and Sara have incorporated field trips in to their planned activities. They use the buggies and talk a walk to a construction site!! 

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