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Friday, September 26, 2014

My Week at Partners In Learning

I always tell my friends to do something nice for themselves on their birthdays. So, since it's my birthday week, September 21 being my birthday. I decided to write this blog about me and my week at PIL! 

I have the best job of everyone at Partners. How can I claim that you may be asking yourself. Well, the way I see it, I get to spend time in every classroom at some point and time during the day/week. Sometimes I even come in early and spend more time with my young friends and co-workers. I get to have relationships with all the children, families, and co-workers. 

I get to spend time in the infant room watching these precious little beings do things for the first time, or maybe for the hundredth time. Either way, it's just as exciting as the first. Or they may just be hangin out, chillin' talking to mommy on the phone. 

I get to spend time watching teachers do yoga with their little ones to help them relax after playing hard outside. 

I have a great time watching the children interact with each other and listening to their conversations with each other as they play. It's amazing how much children learn through play! They use conventional items in play as well as learning how to pretend play, using a bowl for a hat when all the hats are already being worn.

I get to see them on the play ground helping each other out. Is this something a teacher has taught them, or is this something they learned on their own through play? Maybe it's a combination of both. Maybe it's something they learned from home. 

I get to experience the excitement of seeing a child learn to walk holding on the the wall. 

And sometimes a school age child takes my phone and takes his own pictures. 

I also have the opportunity to see the teachers interacting with the children on their level. 

This week I even got to help make the valcano erupt!! This is what we used to make that happen. After the valcano experiment, we learned what happens when we mix colors. We also learned what color is made by mixing two separate colors. Our favorites were mixing red and blue to make purple, yellow and red to make orange, and yellow and blue to make green. 

I also am given the opportunity to go off site for field trips. This week I went to Patterson's Farm/Pumpkin Patch. We had a blast I might add. I saw one of our school age kids there and one of our kids who graduated from PIL! This school ager is also the one who takes pictures with my phone. 

I also went to lunch with my birthday twin Katherine Generaux. It was a learnig experience for both of us. Even though we have worked together for some years, we really didn't know much about each other, now we do. 

I get to see teachers out of their elements in other classrooms teaching and interacting with children older than what they are used to. And having fun while doing this. 

So you see, these are just a few of the reasons why I think I have the best job at PIL. I know this isn't your typical blog, but I hope you enjoyed it just the same. 

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