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Monday, September 29, 2014

Math and Science in preschool Years

How early should children be taught math and science?

Math and science concepts can and should be taught as early as preschool. Children in this stage (preoperational ), learning early math and science concepts will develop into advance math and science concepts that is needed for thier elementary school years. 
Make learning math concepts fun. This child is learning about how a pizza can be made into a whole, halves, and quarters while pretending to be a chef in a pizza restaurant. 

This weeks theme for the Dolphins is 'Here Comes Fall.' Having fun while learning number recognition mixed in with gross motor development. Each child is asked to jump from leaf to leaf and identify the number they land on.

Learning the different colors and shapes of fall leaves is an early science concept that will then be carried over into the math concept of graphing. Through out the week we will be collecting data on different types of leaves we have found then chart our findings. This will give the children a visual for a better understanding of math.
Mrs. Kelly is asking the children prediction questions which are not yet obvious to them. Questions like, "what will happen to our corn kernels..?" "And how much water should you use ?" Also, "how fast do you think they will grow?" These questions will be answered by collecting the data and graphing the results from thier real life experience. 

Learning math at an early age will develop the child's thinking skills. Learning science with an open mind for nature and the world around them will support a life long positive learning experience for predictions, facing problems that need to be solved, and questions that they want answered.

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