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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What kind of manners should children learn?

Children are always learning. From the day they are born they are absorbing and watching everything around them. One thing that starts early are habits. So the earlier we start the better their habits will be. So how do we teach manners? And what manners should they learn?

Well they primarily learn by example. Ours and those around them. Do we say one thing and do another? By teaching them manners, they will be kinder and more considerate of others. They will be developing social skills and learn how to problem solve as well. We should be saying please and thank you, your welcome and excuse me. We should show patience and consideration when dealing with other people.How will manners help with problem solving? When a child wants something they should learn to say please. They will begin to learn that sometimes they get what they want and sometimes they have to wait. They will learn that being nice will cause people to be a little more willing to share.

So what manners should they know:

Say please, thank you, your welcome and excuse me. (model this for them)

Share and take turns

Say hello and goodbye to others

Answer adults with yes or no, not what

Help them to understand how others feel when they say or do something hurtful.Ask them how they would feel if someone did that to them.

When they do or say something that is hurtful, role play. Let them say what they think and feel and then show them a better way to handle a situation.

By starting with these simple steps you will be on your way to having children that are compassionate, well rounded individuals that others will enjoy being around.

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