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Friday, September 19, 2014

Parents, Teachers, and Volunteers in the Classroom

At Partners, we have a variety of volunteers that help in the classroom with special projects. We especially encourage volunteers when doing a cooking activity. Volunteers not only help in the class during the activity, they also donate the items needed. We encourage the children to take part hands on in activities that are critical for their social-emotional development. 

Parents who are also teachers volunteer as well. This allows them the experience of participating in their child's classroom during special actives as well as allowing them the opportunity to get to know the other children who may be in their classroom in the future. This also helps with the transition when the child moves to another class. 
Not only do our volunteers help with the activities, they also get to eat the results. 
With our multicultural curriculum we encourage the children to try foods they may not have tried before. Today, Friday September 19, 2014, we had Mexican Corn. Mrs. Esmina, who is from Bosnia, tried it and she loved it so much, she had two ears of corn. 

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