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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I spent this past weekend without access to the television and the internet. I hadn’t even considered the reality of this circumstance when planning the weekend, but as I am a creature of habit, it came abruptly to my attention shortly before 8:00 on Saturday evening when I started thinking about the British comedies I usually watch at this time. And I wasn’t able to watch the news. What about Hurricane Irene? Would our house still be standing when I returned home? On Sunday afternoon, when we packed to leave, I noticed that I felt unusually rested. Was there a correlation between the lack of exposure to technology and my feeling good? I think there might be.

Lori Wong, one of our new NC Pre-K teachers, tells me that her family has been living peacefully without cable access for years. Her three children, all in advanced placement classes at school, don’t feel as if they’re missing out on anything either. Lori believes that without the noise and distraction of the television, her children are more focused and there is more family time.

Could you go unplugged for a week?-----a day?

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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