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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Donate for Jacob

Donate below to help Jacob Usher’s family!

Jacob has a hole in his heart and a malfunctioning heart valve, which the doctors at Brenner have tried to repair using a donor heart valve and a complex technique.  Unfortunately, they were not successful and he is back at  Baptist Hospital and has very high pulmonary pressure and a blockage. The doctor says that they have tried to make his heart normal and they just can't. Jacob would need a heart and lung transplant, but is not a candidate for it and it would only add maybe five years to his life. The right side of his heart is overworking and causing failure. For now the plan is to medicate him to help lower the pulmonary pressure.  His family has spent months going back and forth to Baptist Hospital.  Consider making a donation to help with expenses. 


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  1. The Chip In doesn't seem to register donations. I hope you received it! Thank you for helping Jacob!