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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last evening, I had the privilege of spending a couple hours with a group of interesting women. Our group meets once a month or so, and we come together to share life stories and spiritual perspectives. Last night we brought hand work with us - needlepoint, knitting, drawing materials, while we experienced a quiet, meditative period of time. The experience was reminiscent of days long ago when women would sit together and work on either individual or group projects. They also used this time to reflect on their lives’ and offer support to one another.

There is a term I learned in an Economics course. It’s called opportunity cost. It means that when you choose one thing, you are often giving up the opportunity to choose something else. Most of us are so busy today with work and family; we barely have time to maintain friendships. The opportunity cost for our heavily scheduled lives is the opportunity to truly get to enjoy close connections with people outside of our immediate families. It seemed to me yesterday, as I sat in a circle with these very wise women, that it might be a good idea to rethink some of our priorities.

Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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