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Friday, August 26, 2011

The First Day of School...

Thursday was the BIG day for our family. Madison decided to wear her white button up dress shirt with her navy blue pleaded skirt on her first day of Kindergarten. It was not difficult to wake Madison up...she was excited the minute she woke up to put her uniform on and get ready for her BIG day! We asked her questions like...Are you going to be scared? Do you remember where your class is? Do you remember your teachers names? Almost wanting to go through it for her.

As we pulled up to the school before we got out of the car daddy led us in prayer asking God for protection, guidance, understanding, compassion, and love and that Madison would be safe, make good choices, gain knowledge, and shine her light of love, compassion and service to her peers and teachers. As I watched other families walk their children to class...passing them in the hallway...I thought to myself...I can't believe our little girl is in Kindergarten. The look on her face showed mommy and daddy that she was taking brave a new chapter in her life not even fully understanding everything because she is only....5 years old. Wow! Where did time go...

Kids spell love T-I-M-E. ~John Crudele

Cedric and Michelle Macon, Proud Parents

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