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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Home Visits

Home visits are hands down one of the most influential aspects of any quality early childhood program.  The National Association for the Education of Young Children highly recommends them to be a part of any accredited program.   A home visit is arranged for every child that is enrolled in our program, regardless of the age.   It gives the teachers a chance to meet the child, begin a positive relationship with their family, and talk about hopes for the school year.   It is amazing what a difference these 30-45 minute home visits can make through the course of the school year!
First and foremost, it is wonderful as teacher to be welcomed into a family’s home.   Each of the children are so proud to have the undivided attention of their teacher.  In the picture below, a child enjoys showing their pot belly pig off to their new teacher. 

Second, these short visits establish a very powerful and important home to school connection. Having a glimpse into the home life of one's child helps immensely when working on their social and emotional development skills.  The teacher is able to discuss individual strengths and hopes that parents have for their child in an environment that is non-threatening and familiar. 

In the above photo, one of our NCPrek teachers interacts with a child in his home.  The child is so proud to show her how he can work a puzzle. 

Being invited into a family's home allows teachers to develop a rapport with parents and work as partners to help a child succeed. Effective home visits help parents understand why they should be involved with their child's learning at any age.  Our interactions in the home give parents a fresh look at why learning is important and how they can be involved. 

Home visits have the power to break down barriers, offer a positive and proactive parent-teacher relationship, and is an opportunity to let your expectations as a teacher be known. 

Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

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