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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apples Apples Everywhere !!

Apples Apples Everywhere !!

This past week the children wanted to learn about apples. Why?? Well as we all know it is almost FALL and some of the teachers are starting to pull out fall stuff, within these fall items there was apples, so the teacher put the apples around the classroom. When the teacher asked the children what they wanted to learn about the children said APPLES. So that is what we have been talking about in the classroom.
Apple counting tree!!
Making apples in housekeeping!
Making apple pie playdoh!
Doing apple prints!
Having a apple race!
The children loved learning about apples and ALL the things you can do with them. Fall is very near and we can't wait to teach the children the different colors, smells and foods fall has to offer!!
Can't wait till fall,
 Amanda Marshall 

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