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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Family Time is so Important

Why is Family Time so important? Sometimes we get caught up in everyday flow and think, did I see and spend time with my family today? Every child needs and wants that family time. Not only do they want it but it benefits who they are as a person and who they may become.
 Some of these benefits include:
• Children learn about families from the time they spend in their own families.
• Children learn to share, how to stand up for their own rights, and how to love another person.
 • We help children develop positive self-esteem by communicating the value we feel for the child. Words of encouragement and love help provide children with the courage to try new things without worrying excessively about not being able to do them.
• Children learn about trust at home from their parents. They learn trust from being trusted. Spending time with our children can be fun and educational for us and for them. Much of the child's basic learning takes place in the many informal situations that occur daily in the life of the family.
 These informal occasions for learning include all the times the family members are together doing ordinary things, such as getting dressed, talking over the day’s happenings, dealing with problems, interacting with people outside the family, taking baths, eating, and so forth.
 The activity does need not be costly, but rather one that satisfies both the parent and the child.
 Some more ideas to spend family time without spending money:
                            Friday nights out are alway fun and most things are face panting!

      Walks downtown or in the park, this is always free and a great way to spend time with the whole family.

                   Spend time doing little things at the house like coloring and talk about what you are drawing.

                   Going outside is always fun. Talk about the things aound you, get dirty and play in the mud.
We need to take this time and spend as much of it as we can, children grow up to fast and we need to be apart of every min. Before we know it, they will be going off to school and driving.....................and well lets hope this never happens :)

Amanda Marshall

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