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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Developing Teamwork in Children
Benefits of Teamwork:

    When the word teamwork is mentioned, images of people playing sports come to mind. But Teamwork doesn’t just happen in sport.  Our kids engage in lots of activities that require teamwork.  In class, they’re usually asked to work on projects in pairs or in groups and they play games which require them to make teams.
Making and keeping friends:

  Being part of a team helps develop social skills in our children – listening to others’ opinions and ideas, conflict resolution, motivating others, and even supporting one another when there’s failure.  All these things help your kids make friends at school and at home. Sociable kids are usually popular kids and teamwork is a big part of that.
Benefits for life:

  The future holds big rewards for children who are team players.  Most enterprises acknowledge that the ability to be a team player is an essential skill, and often is a requirement of the job.  Those who display skills in being a team player will be more likely to get hired. 
Some ways we use team work in our classrooms:

Working together to build in the sand.
 Using teamwork to make playdoh.
Teamwork in block center.
Teamwork putting together a puzzle.
Cooking together.
Making airplanes as a team.  
Having children work together in the classroom is a life long learning skill!!
Amanda Marshall

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