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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Will You Remeber?

Growing up my Mama always tried to make memories for us. Taking us on walks, rolling down hills, playing in piles of leaves.  I have so many vivid memories from a very young age, my first being when I was 18 months old and being at Rowan Tech. having my picture made with my "Baby Boy" baby doll and wearing a red dress, I was chewing Juicy Fruit gum and remember sticking it out between my lips. That is only one of many random things that I remember from my early years. I have many Kindergarten memories from Sacred Heart, like having to stand in the corner because I hit Zack while we were on the playground. I remember that Charlotte had her tonsils taken out and when she returned to school she sounded different. I recall going to Staci's birthday party and playing in a playhouse in her back yard.

All of these are random pieces of information that take up space in my brain, it is no wonder I can't remember something that my employer asked me to do two days ago. But my point is this all of these random useless memories that I have from my younger years make me smile and make me happy. So the next time you are with a child at home, or in the classroom what memories will you help to create for them to recall and smile about when they are older?

Deborah K. Howell, Assistant Director

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