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Monday, January 9, 2012

Leaving a legacy

Last week was quite a scary week for me.  My husband was in a pretty bad car wreck where he rolled his work van.  We were blessed that he walked away with only a few injuries that will heal with time.   

 After the scare of Wednesday, I needed some "me time" to reflect and worship, so I did one of my favorite things, went for a bicycle ride.  I have a basket on the front of my bike where I place my cell phone as it plays my worship music.  I ride all over China Grove, where I have grown up.  Along my path, is a vacant home of a lady that I well remember.  She served on our town board and loved to work in her yard.  Her yard was always immaculate, but not anymore.  She is well known in our community for her fight with the town about all of the squirrels in her yard.  If you ask anyone, what they remember her for, they would laugh and say, "the squirrel lady".  

Between my husband's close call and riding past this vacant home; one of my favorite songs came to mind:

 What legacy will you leave?  How will they remember you?

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  1. So true Norma! I always think of this when I know I am going to be with my "grands". Since they all live far away it's important to me to make a lasting impression of love to each one of them when I do get to see and be with them. As my sons were growing up and becoming men, they each one wrote in cards to me on mother's day that they were praying for a wife that "loved the Lord and others like their mother does". How humbling to read those words and they echo in my mind still as I see them leaving marvelous legacies in their lives for their children today of loving the Lord and loving others well. Yes, it does matter and thanks for reminding us!! Lucy