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Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Pets

Meet our addition to the family: "Casey Coltrane"
-aka- "Casey" 3 year old Poodle

Children who grow up with pets:

1.    Have less risk of allergies and asthma.
2.    Learn responsibility, compassion, and empathy.
3.    Pets are loving, and provide a since of security in children.
4.    Can help ease separation anxiety in children when mom and dad are not around.
5.    Studies have shown that pets can help calm hyperactive or overly aggressive kids.


CJ spending time with Casey before school.

6. Children and adults alike can benefit from playing with pets, which can be both a source of calmness and relaxation, as well as a source of stimulation for the brain and body.
   7. Playing with a pet can even be a doorway to learning for a child.
   8. It can stimulate a child’s imagination and curiosity.
   9. The rewards of training a dog to perform a new trick, for example, can teach kids the  
       importance of perseverance.
10. Caring for a furry friend can also offer another benefit to a child: immense joy.

Michelle Macon, Program Coordinator

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