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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shop For Groceries Online??

Grocery Shopping : An illustration of a shopping cart trolley with smart phone mobile phone             

Lowering your food costs these days can consume a lot of our already busy days.  Many consumers spend endless hours planning shopping trips to different stores to take advantage of special buys.  Others combine special buys with extreme couponing which takes even more of our valuable time.
In Sara Noel’s column (Salisbury Post), one of her readers suggested shopping online for bulk grocery items.  She has ordered peanut butter, sugar, cereal, and other bulk items at reduced costs through  Although the prices may fluctuate, Amazon offers deals each week just like you will find in your local grocery store.

To get the best deals you can choose the “Subscribe and Save” option, which can lower your price by 15 percent and get free shipping.  This is a great alternative to save money and time…best of all your groceries are delivered right to your door.

Find more frugal tips at and visit

Colleen Carman
Finance/HR Director

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