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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Technology is everywhere. Our children are using technology at earlier and earlier ages. But can there be too much technology?  Can it interfer with other things? Children as young as two years old are learning how to work phones and play games. There is no doubt that technology is important and that it is definitely the future. Sometimes though, we tend to lose ourselves in technology. We are constantly checking our phones, working on our computers. We play games and have made our computers portable with laptops, tablets and I-pads. So, you might ask, What's the problem? I'm getting more things done and taken care of.

Well, its simple, really. We tend to finish our work, then we tend to browse around and before we know it, hours may have passed us by. Our children may finish homework, or a project, then they end up playing games. Before we know it, it's time for dinner, bath and bed. We may end up grabbing something to eat real quick, or we don't even eat at the same time. Our conversations are short, maybe just a hi, how was your day, and good night.

So, what can we do? And what can be lost by too much technology? Well we lose communication and close connections with our families. We don't share as much quality time as we may have in the past. As parents we lead by example, our children become reflections of us. If we are not taking the time to put our technology down, they will not either. Children learn social skills by interactions with those around them. These are skills that they will always need, even in the 21st century. It may be hard for us to take a time out from technology. We can start simple, for example, no phones at dinner. Start with just one dinner a week, take time and show interest in each others day. Plan an activity, a short one to start with. maybe just a walk, or a board game. Let friends and family know that during dinner, unless its an emergency, that you won't be answering the phone. As you begin to find ways to spend quality time together with your children, you may find that balancing technology is easier than you thought.

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