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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Fun

This week the Dolphins are exploring the topic of pumpkins. In our classroom we introduce a topic and concepts of what we want the children to learn. Allowing the children time to explore the materials of a concept is essential. This will lead to them making their own predictions and conclusions. 

Here are a variety of pumpkins we have picked out on our field trip to the Farmers Market

Having hands on experience, being able to touch each pumpkin the children are starting to discover the many differences between each pumpkin. The five senses are crucial in exploring new concepts. Letting the children explore the materials will give then a visual and will become a reality to them.

Hearing a story about pumpkins builds on the children's knowledge of what they are starting to discover. They are able to see pictures of many pumpkins, how they grow and what they look like inside.

Having a class discussion about the topic is always so much fun! Ms. Kelly and I love to hear the response of the children.

Making a prediction on"how many pumpkins tall am I?"  Is a fun math concept that was introduced. The children will record their answer on a graph and then compare them. 

Next week we will continue to explore pumpkins and I can't wait to share what will be next!!

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