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Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Can We Ensure Our Children Will Succeed In School?

We always wonder if we are doing enough for our kids? Have we given them every advanrage? Have we given them the tools, desire to succeed in and enjoy school? The more involved we are in their lives, the better we will know what they need.

They tell us learning begins in the womb. Well how can we do that? Read, talk to your unborn child. Start their literacy skills early. During infancy talk to your baby, tell them what your doing, look at books, read to them, put them on their tummies encourage them to explore.

As they begin to grow introduce letters, shapes, colors and numbers by pointingvthem out in everyday items around the house. It will be fun and they will have real world association with things in their emvironment.

When they start preschool, even as toddlers, form a relationship with your childs teachers. They will be able to tell you what they are working on, where your child is developmentally,. They can give you ieeas gor at home. Visit with your child at school too. They will see thatyou enjoy it and soon they will begin to enjoy coming to school and enjoy learning.

Often times when we are in the store, we will see workbooks that help with skills for school.How can we make those fun gor our children? You can make them into flannel boa4ds, for example, letter sound matching. Take the page copy, color, cut out pictures, glue felt to back, or magmets for the rridge. Now you have a fun game that's not a boring worksheet. You can even add letters as you go.

By taking an interest in your childs learning you will form a closer bond, and they will enjoy learming smd this will help them to be successful in school.

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