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Monday, October 27, 2014

Social emotional activity

This week the Dolphins are talking about "what are you scared of?" It's important to talk about how we feel. Children at this age can understand that others have feelings and can relate to their friends when they are feeling hurt, sad, happy or scared. This morning we focused on social emotional development. We gathered in our morning circle and each of us told each other what makes us scared. The teachers also joined the conversation and told the children about our feelings of being scared. Doing this helps the children fell that it is ok to feel this way and that they are not the only one that has this feeling. 
We incorporated this activity with music. Each child was given a different piece of the "Bonz Band Instrument." Each child was called upon to tell us what kind of things scare them. After they shared their feelings with our group, they came up and put thier piece of instrument together, making a whole group instrument.

During this activity, our power went out but we continued moving forward with a flashlight and lots of reassurance.
The children had lots of fun with this activity. Enjoying singing songs and playing with the finished instrument while identifying feeling of others and having awareness of their own feelings. 

We finished up our morning by going on a nature walk and enjoying each others company.

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