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Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire safety week

Today the Dolphin class is learning about the letter 'F f.' We talked about all the things we know that start with the letter and then we placed them on our 'word wall.' 

And that brought us to what our theme of the week is 'Fire Safety'

The Dolphins then made the start of a KWL chart. This is what we Know, what we What to find out, and what we have Learned about the topic of fire safety.

Through out the week each child will play the role of a Safety Officer. The Safety Officer will be on the look out for anything that is "unsafe" in the classroom or outside on the playground.

In dramatic play acting out the role of a firefighter is so much fun, while they are making and interpreting representations of the many things a firefighter does and how they work at the fire station.

In blocks center the children are demonstrating how to build a fire station.

Learning about fire safety in very important. Talking about this topic will help keep us safe, have awareness of the many duties of a firefighter and how they can help us in an emergency.  Talk with your child at home as well and have a plan in place just in case of an emergency.

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