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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What does music have to do with it?

Some people may be thinking; What does music have to do with learning?".  That is an easy question to answer!  There is a direct connection between music and the development of mathematical thinking. Mathematical concepts are developed as children sing counting songs.  Music can create an imaginary world that stimulates a child’s creativity.  Music also seems to be related to very primal parts of the brain (Hudson 2011). Our bodies cannot help but react physiologically to musical input (Thaut & Kenyon 2003; Hasan & Thaut 2004). This implies that even the youngest children have the potential to inherently respond to music and the mathematical constructs it contains.  In the video below, you will see one of our NCPreK teachers (Mr. Matt) playing his guitar and singing with the children.  This is one the highlights of their day.  They have so much fun and joy and do not even know they are actually learning.


Music is a highly social, natural, and developmentally appropriate way to engage even the youngest child
in math learning.  NAEYC

Norma Honeycutt, Executive Director

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  1. One of the reasons my daughter loves coming to school everyday!!!