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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taking Advantage of Our Outdoor Environment!

When is the last time your children played outside, I mean, REALLY played outside?

While children today enjoy watching TV and playing video games as past times, children of past generations enjoyed discovering the outdoors.

At Partners In Learning, our Outdoor Learning Environment provides the children with opportunities to explore and discover in a natural environment. The children love all of the great activities that are available on their very own playground.

Another great thing about PIL is the fact that we are located on the campus of Catawba College and the children always enjoy a mini-field trip near and around the campus.

As the Starfish class was on their "Nature Walk" this past Friday morning, we stumbled across piles of leaves that were just screaming our names! The children had a BLAST!

The children enjoyed making "Leaf Angels."

"Ready, Set, Toss!"

Listen to the crinkle sound!!

Take the time this weekend to play outside with your children! Encourage them to explore the sounds, smells, sights, and so much more!!

Katie Zink, ITFS/P

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