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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Every family has its own culture. Just think about when families are merged by marriage. Even when family backgrounds are very similar, newly married couples are almost always surprised at the variations of habits, food traditions and the way holidays are celebrated. Even friends can remind us how different families express themselves in the world. Invited to a friend’s home for dinner and a sleepover once when I was a child, I was taken aback when water was served as the beverage at the dinner table, as was the custom in this home. Such a small thing, really, but as a child, I had never considered that water might be a suitable beverage at dinner.

I was reminded about the uniqueness of each of our family experiences yesterday, when our PIL leadership team started our weekly meeting by sharing our Thanksgiving stories. There were notable variations, though a similar theme to each story.

As teachers, it is important to remember that each of our children enter our classrooms with their own unique life experiences and culture.

Katherine Generaux

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