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Friday, July 27, 2012

Zoo Phonics learning happens daily at Partners In Learning through fun games, music and various activities. Zoo phonics fosters future reading, spelling and writing skills for even toddlers!! The children use their eyes, ears, mouth and body as they learn phonemic (sound) awareness.

Mrs. Jennifer is playing zoo phonics bingo with a group of children in the Dolphins Pre-K Class.


Do you have the letter "a", /a/ (as in apple), Allie Alligator?


"Since many Kindergarten learning envirnorments in the Rowan County area already use Zoo Phonics, my child was familiar with her letter sounds and blends when she entered Kindergarten. Thanks to Partners In Learning, she was exposed to pre-reading skills and this provided a smooth transition for her. -Debra and Phillip, Former PIL parents

"As a teacher who did not learn phonological sound as a child in my early childhood setting, seeing my students now, learn phonics along with learning vows and capitalization, this is all possible through the strategies of Zoo Phonics." -Kelly Kirk, PIL Pre-K Teacher




Michelle Macon, Program Coordinator


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