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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Males in Childcare

The one experience that a female caregiver cannot provide is that of a male role model. When boys lack the experience of men who are caring and nurturing, the message they receive is that it's not an important trait for males to have.

 Because of these early experiences which do not include significant male involvement boys learn very early in life that caring for children is not an activity men engage in.

 On the other hand, girls learn that caring for children is their exclusive responsibility and that they should not expect men to contribute. How might our society be different if young children's experience included caring, nurturing men as well as women?

At Partners In Learning our children are getting this experience, above are Matt and Josh two of our five males on staff who are leading the children in a dance train recently at an outdoor concert. 

Deborah K. Howell M.Ed., Assistant Director 

 Source: Quality Childcare: The Missing Element—Men
by Louis Torelli, M.S.Ed

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