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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning to walk

Most parents take for granted that their child will learn to walk.  They watch their child learn to crawl, pull up and walk into their arms.  Walking is a wonderful milestone for parents to celebrate.  Parents of children with special needs often can't take walking for granite  .  They absolutely celebrate the milestones, but it is at a much greater level.  The parents work for weeks, months, and sometimes years to reach each little milestone in the process of walking.
The little guy pictured above is truly a miracle.  He was born at less than 2 pounds and just look at him.  His family and therapist work together to teach him how to reach his goal of walking.  Only a few short months ago, he couldn't crawl.  He is now crawling everywhere, able to pull up and cruise furniture, and using a gait trainer to build his strength and prepare for him for taking those steps to his mothers arms.  It is an honor to be part of his live and assist him as his developmental therapist to reach his goals.  
Norma Honeycutt

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