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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Using an IPad for Communication

As an Early Intervention Specialist, I have been looking for the right tool for children to be able to communicate.  I have seen others use the app "Tap To Talk", so I  immediately downloaded the app.  I was so excited to start using it; only to find out that I couldn't use any actual photos unless I paid a LOT of money.  I was so disappointed and asked everyone if they knew of an app and finally my friend told me about Sounding Board.  It has totally lived up to my exceptions.  I made a picture of four different toys, recorded the words and was ready to go.  It was so easy!!!   The child pictured choose the pig.  He touched the picture and it said "pig".  As you can see below, he now gets to play with the pig.  This is a great way for him to communicate and is just the beginning of many different ways to use it.  Will this stop him from learning to talk?  Absolutely not, it will aid him in his learning.  Norma Honeycutt

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