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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There


Jungle : Zebra cartoon

      My favorite columnist, Mary Hunt, has cautioned her readers, “Don’t get tricked into buying”.  She quoted from her favorite consumer publication that the jungle out there is getting wilder by the day.  “Retailers do resort to all kinds of stealth-like tactics to trick consumers into buying their products such as “Take me back to better times, please!  Using a psychological principle that says our minds paint a rosy picture of the past to help us move through difficult economic times, nearly 35 percent of retail brands are now using nostalgia in their ads and packaging… recreating the past which leave us so warm and fuzzy.”

 Jungle : green snake cartoon with red tonge Savvy shoppers know the retailers trade secrets or tactics for luring customers into their shop for the “best sale of the year” or the “all natural” guarantees. They educate themselves and are aware that retailers are playing sneaky.  It can be difficult to find the bargain buys and lower cost alternative products.  Retail prices are set exhorbitantly high  so the sales price appears to be a great bargain.  “Buyers Beware” rings truer now than ever before. 
Jungle : Chimpanzee 
Arm yourself with knowledge and do not be manipulated by their ploys.  Dig deep, ask questions, and take plenty of time when shopping.  You have earned it, now reward yourself with the real “Best Buys”

Jungle : animal cartoon

Colleen Carman
Finance/HR Director

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