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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My son, Philip, has been sending Facebook updates as he travels through Taiwan and Malaysia.  “I am profoundly moved, and I did not plan to be affected in this way”, Philip wrote about his overall impressions of Taiwan.  He is impressed with the passion the citizens of this nation have for their new democratic system of government, their world-class health care and education systems and the small gap that exists between the rich and the poor.
But it seems the thing that has impressed Philip most about the Taiwanese society is the way its citizens interact with one another.  He writes that the Taiwanese are respectful, courteous and place a greater value on the relationships they share with one another than on social status and materialism.
“Did I mention that the people are polite, and the streets are always clean?   The American dollar will still take you far here, yet I have never felt so poor in my life.”
Katherine Generaux, Community Inclusion Director

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