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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ceci poses with her art teacher, Meredith

I was one of those moms, I have to confess.  I shuttled my three children from one enrichment activity to another throughout their childhoods.  I organized their activities into three categories:  sports, music and art. (Religion would have been a fourth category except all three children attended parochial schools.)   There were years of swimming lessons, tennis lesson, guitar, piano and violin lessons as well as art camps, summer theater and dance classes.  Oh, and I can’t neglect to mention Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts. 
Son Philip: banker, chief, musician

I recently read an article claiming that participation in extra-curricular activities is motived by parents who want to build a college admissions portfolio for their children, but that wasn’t my motivation at all.  I just wanted to give my children an opportunity to expand their world and discover interests and abilities.  One child developed an immense and lifelong passion for music, while another maintains a love of art.  These lifelong passions all began with a JC Penney guitar, music lessons from a very cool instructor, art classes and plentiful art supplies around the house and many, many hours spent driving and waiting to pick up children from enrichment activities.    

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