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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Connecting Through the Years

Each week the summer camp group loads up the bus and heads to the Brian Center to spend an hour with the residents.  The first week the children were unsure of this new situation but we introduced ourselves and learned some of the residents names. The residents were so excited because they were getting ready to enjoy a game of baseball. All of the kids kept looking around thinking "How are they going to play baseball." We had to see it for ourselves. It was amazing to watch they lined up in two lines and took turns hitting a giant foam dice off of a cone and each number represented a hit!

The next week the children were entertained by the residents putting on a play for them. The kids sat and listened as each person read their part in the play. This week we enjoyed a game of bingo. The children stood beside the residents and watched their cards for the numbers that were called. Some of the children had the opportunity to call the bingo numbers as well! Each week the children are getting more and more comfortable and starting to call the residents by name. I can't wait to see what will happen over the rest of the summer..... Stay tuned!!!!

Deborah Howell, Assistant Director

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  1. So neat...this is helping the children to reach out to other people now and later on in life!! I bet the residents faces just light up when the children come for a visit!!