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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have a three-day holiday coming up. Hurry! Let’s celebrate that extra day off from work while still being mindful of the reason this holiday exits.

My husband, Mitch Houck, served twenty-two years in the United States Army. He spent the bulk of that time as a helicopter pilot. In 1966, he flew Huey Gunship in Vietnam and returned to Vietnam in 1969 as a Chinook pilot.

The greatest risk I run to my own personal safety on the job each day is the possibility of being bitten by an angry toddler. Though this possibility does make me weary from time to time, it is insignificant in comparison to the daily risk Mitch endured, because part of his daily experience included people shooting at him------trying to kill him---while he protected our country, helping to ensure the rights and privileges we feel entitled to every day. This scenario is a reality for many of our young soldiers today, right now---at this very moment and for so many soldiers in the past.

Let’s remember. Please, please let’s remember why we are able to celebrate this holiday on the last Monday in May.

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