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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Greetings from Western North Carolina

I am so thankful to be involved with Partners in Learning again through the magic and wonder of 21st century communication--the blog posting!

As you may know, Norma Honeycutt hired me for my first real teaching position after I graduated from college in 2001.  Although I have had many fantastic adventures in the field of early childhood education throughout the state of North Carolina, I will always remember Partners in Learning as the place where I learned to be proud of my chosen profession.

As I lay here on a homemade quilt in the backyard on a breezy, lazy Sunday afternoon, I feel so grateful that I am surrounded by the beauty of the North Carolina mountains.  Robins are feeding their young, neighbors are mowing their grass, Rico the dog is trying to catch and eat bumblebees and the grapevine is coming on so quickly that I can almost taste that round pop of sweetness in my mouth!  I suppose because I am perched here in Canton, NC at an elevation of around 3,200 feet I thought I would bring to you some of the things going on in the field of early childhood education in western NC.  Enjoy.

This weekend, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College hosted the 31st annual Western Regional Child Care Conference (WRCCC).  I attended workshops on Friday and Saturday.  The most interesting session involved giving classrooms a REAL makeover.  The presenters from Hot Springs Community Learning Center in Hot Springs, NC, suggested many ideas for warming up activity centers in the classroom.

Hot Springs Community Learning Center (TEACHERS:  Check out their monthly themes!  I think I will start using these!)

They call the items that are rotated throughout the room "provocations".  This simply means that the item is intended to provoke some sensory response from children.  The presentation got me thinking about what I will add to my classroom environment when I return to work on Monday.  A small table, a lamp, a throw rug, a bowl of potpourri or comfy chair from home could be the catalyst for creating a new experience for a child.

Warm Up Your Centers with a REAL Makeover (TEACHERS:  Workshop participant packet.)

Many parents that are working and/or going to school and need safe, educational places for their children to grow and learn.  For this reason, parents depend on childcare centers to be open throughout the year.  Although it may be challenging to adjust work schedules due to school closures, it is important for teachers to attend conferences and trainings to better care for children.  After attending the WRCCC, I aim to start the week off with some of the new techniques I have learned.  After all, I owe it to the children in my care and to the parents of those children who have put their confidence in me.


Monica Willis
Early Head Start Teacher
Canton, NC


  1. Debra SprayberryMay 22, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    The children & parents alike are so blessed to have you. I am so proud of your 1st blog & grateful to your mentor, Norma for seeing how it could benefit from your input. I know you will have many informative & interesting things to add as part of the "blog team."

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