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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Be a Hum-Bug

Sing Your Way to Happiness

Have you ever been standing in the checkout and witness someone that has the “bah humbug” written all over their face as they grimace and grumble through the lane? After encountering just such a customer, one clerk, rather than engaging the customer in her woe, simply started to sing in a friendly tasteful tone. It was a peaceful, happy, and comforting tune. At first, the grump looked at the clerk as if she were crazy. She was so uptight that even this benign gesture seemed to bug her. But after a few minutes the customer began to visibly relax. She became much friendlier and seemed to let down her guard and almost smiled.

There is a big difference between a humbug and a hum-bug. When we remain calm and happy in the presence of those who are definitely not, our positive energy rubs off on them, just like static electricity. Singing, humming, or playing a tune ushers in an atmosphere of calm and happiness.

So, next time you are face to face with a grumpy Grinch, try something similar. Subtly invite them into a sunnier climate. Present yourself as a person who is content and likes life. Even if you aren’t in the best of moods yourself, act as if you are - whether by smiling or singing or simply making a conscious effort to unfurrow your brow - can help you get there. So, give a whistle, hum a tune, sing a song. At worst, people will think you’re crazy and leave you alone. At best, you’ll brighten somebody’s day and possibly their life.

Happy Day!!

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