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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Fitness-The Family That Plays Together Is Healthier

Wonder how to promote fitness for kids?

Start by getting in the game yourself - and allowing your child's interest to guide the way!

For many kids, biking and playing in the backyard or neighborhood have given way to watching tv, playing video games and spending hours online.

Your active lifestyle can be a powerful stimulus for your child. If you want an active child, be active yourself. Make activity a priority for you and your family by walking, riding a bike, playing games in the yard. Let your children know that physical activity is an opportunity to take care of your body, rather than a punishment or chore. Remember to praise and encourage physical activity.

Follow these guidelines and enjoy a happier, healthier life with your family:

1. Set a good example: Be active yourself and make it a priority

2. Limit screen time: Set a time limit or opt for video games that require movement

3. Establish a routine: Set aside time each day for physical activity

4. Let your child set the pace: Get creative as you search for activities your child enjoys

5. Promote activity, not exercise: To keep your child interested in fitness, make it fun

Remember, incorporating physical activity into your child’s life does much more than promote a healthy weight. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and good mental and physical health.


Click on the links below for fitness and fun with your family:


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