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Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Is Why They Try New Foods

Each year each class room has their very own raised garden out by the PIL Hen House and Chicken Coop. The teachers and the children decide together what they want to plant in their garden. Then they go to their little special place and prepare the garden. They weed it, rake all the weeds up and dispose of them, and flatten the soil out. Then they decide where each item will be planted, if planting several different items. They all help with the project from start to finish. After things are planted, the garden is watered. While the garden is growing, the children and teachers will weed when needed, water every day, unless it rains, and monitor the growth. For the most part everything grows pretty well. The children take pride in their garden and love to show them off. I've been told in the past from several children that the food taste better when they plant it and take care of it. This also teaches responsibility. This is also a great bonding experience and a great social-emotional activity. Best of all, the children are learning the whole time. Then, finally, they get to eat their hard work. 
I will blog again to show the progress of the Panthers Garden. 

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