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Monday, May 11, 2015

KWL Charts

This week in the Dolphin class, we are learning about creepy crawlers. To introduce the children to this topic, we started our group time with a K-W-L chart.  A KWL chart is a form of graph about "what we know?" "What we want to know?" And "what we learned?"  about a specific subject. The KWL chart has three columns for recording your answers. Ms. Kelly and I think aloud to encourage the children to come up with their own questions. Once the children get involved in the discussion, we then record their questions. Sometimes it is helpful to draw pictures next to the words to make the chart more child friendly, so the information recorded can be easily understood. This strategy will also help with English as a second language learners as well as children with processing delays. 

Once we have all questions recorded our class will then go outside and explore, having a hands on learning experience to find all the answers to our questions. After the information is gathered we will record our findings in the column "what we learned?" The KWL chart is an effective teaching strategy for preschoolers.

KWL Chart 

Recording thier findings "centipede in his home."
Hands on learning experiences will help the children to retain and remember this new information better.

Recording information 

"Bumble bee" "Ms. Gen running from it." "Bees live in hives."

Notice the moth on the wall

"Worms in the grass"
" bugs eat plants."
"Roly poly's are fun!"
"Log with eggs"

I hope you enjoyed our learning experience, we sure did!!!!!!

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