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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Annual Mother's Day Tea

Friday May 8th we held our annual Mother's Day Tea for the mothers of the children in the Polar Bears and Starfish classrooms. An invitation is sent to all the moms. I think we need to sure to bring tissues...on the invitations. The children sing a few songs, a book is read, and refreshments are served. 

With our annual Thanksgiving programs we alternate the books "The Giving Tree" and "Stone Soup." But with our tea we always read "Love You Forever." If you haven't had the chance to read this book, you need to. It never gets old. Last year we did a "play" of the book while being read. This year we read the book and then a video was shown of the mothers with their child. 
Tissues were defenately needed once again. There is a special gift for each child and mom to take home. This year they have soil and sunflower seeds to plant in the cup with a mini pinwheel to add. 

As if that isn't enough excitement, we write a number on the bottom of three plates for door prizes. They are usually different from year to year with the exception the book. That is always one of the door prizes. 

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