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Partners In Learning Blog Team
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Share the love

We often think of Love as something we share with our families, friends and those close to us. But how can we share the love? How can we extend the love outside our circle? How can we get our children involved in doing the same thing? Well a very special teacher has decided to share her love. Share with those less fortunate, those in bad situations, those who wouldn't ordinarily get much love on a regular basis. Showing our love doesn't have to stop on Valentine's Day either. Simple acts of kindness on a daily basis can touch anyone. How can we do this? Well, let that person who has less items than you cut in front. Help those who are elderly or infirmed to get things from their carts. Hold doors open, even a smile and hello can help someones day. The little child who comes to school and is really quiet, a simple hug and how are you can show a child so much. How can we get our children involved? Have them come with us if we go to a shelter. Let them pick something to donate. Tell them why you are doing it and ask them how they feel. As parents and teachers we lead by example. We should be showing love all year. It will make us feel good, our children will learn compassion and giving.

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