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Monday, February 9, 2015

Fine motor skills in preschool

The benefits of doing fine motor activities with preschoolers are very important. It helps develop their motor skills in their hands and fingers. Fine motor skills also helps strengthen the dexterity in their hands so they are able to better write on paper with a pencil, crayon, and markers. Fine motor skills are also needed to correctly use scissors. Using scissors at the preschool age is very difficult and takes  lots of practice. Making activities fun and exciting for your children will make the experience enjoyable.

Letting your preschooler do the activity independently, while giving them guided lines to cut on will help makes using scissors easier. Don't worry if it is not perfect, they will learn from practicing. 

If you notice the way this child is using the three point grip on her marker and the way she is holding the marker at an angle. Our class practices every day on fine motor activities and it pays off. 

Fine motor activities are not only cutting, it's also manipulating pieces of paper and putting them in order.

This child is sequencing or classifying, arranging these items in specific groups.

Preschoolers also benefit practicing thier fine motor skills by doing everyday self help skills. Like this child, helping his friend botton up his sweater in dramatic play.

This child Is using her small muscles in her hands to turn the pages in the book she was reading.

Practicing with your preschooler on their fine motor skills will allow them greater independence and benefit them in their school age years.

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