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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Having Fun During Transitions

We all know about learning through play. We also know that transition times can be a challenge. Some times are harder than others. It can be a simple song to help with these transitions or playng an I Spy game. Transition time is also a time of learning, and yes it's also through play. There are many different ways to help children through a transition from one activity to another. Below are just a few...

The Dolphins class like to use yoga. Which is a great way to get in some gross motor activity on a cold winter day. They were transitioning from free choice to getting ready for lunch. 

The Whales class was using an art activity. This is also a sensory activity, using your senses. They too were transitioning to get ready for lunch. 

The Polor Bears were reading books, for a quieter transition time. The children like to read to each other during this time. 

So, you see you can use a viriety of ways to transition. It doesn't always have to be quiet. Just having an activity that keeps their interest while transitioning is the key.

So, use your imagination, think outside of the box! 

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