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Monday, February 2, 2015

Make and take Monday

It's raining...
It's snowing...
It's cold...
I'm bored....
The list goes on and on for why winter gets us down, so switch it up and make it a Memorable Monday so much that Fun Friday gets jealous.

Try this easy and "cool" Monday Make it, Take it activity. It's sure to cause a blizzard of snowy ideas and an introduction to other cool science experiments.

"It's Snow Fluffy" Stuff 
(Sorry the Despicable Me movie has one of my favorite quotes every....)

1 container of Shaving cream
2 boxes of Corn starch

Mix the 2 parts of corn starch to one part shaving cream together (2 boxes to one container.) 
Here is a few of our kids helping to add the corn starch. Then we asked each child how many squirts until we got to the end of the container of shaving cream...because we all know that to be good scientists you have to make predictions and test for outcomes. Also is helping with the much needed math skills.

Then mix together until the mixture is completely mixed and can make a firm ball shape when pressed together. 

We started with a spoon but sometimes you just have to get hands on and have fun with the process. This would be a great time to let the kids help with the mixing.

Now the fun begins...children can explore the snow fluffy stuff at their will and make the most of their homemade snow stuff.  
No messy roads or slick ice needed just hit the store that is a little more than $ 0.99 and let your dream snow flow for your sciencists and snow bunnies.

Have a memorable Monday from Ms. Gen and Ms. Kelly

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