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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Five Gift Rule for the holidays

So you're running around looking for the perfect gift for those special people in your life especially those kiddos of yours....but you are stressing out and do you even remember what the kiddos received last year? Do they still play with it? Did you spend over your budget? Then join me In starting a new tradition....the Five Gift Rule.

With the five gift rule, you purchase just five gifts but they have to meet certain criteria. They are as follows:
1- one gift of something they want (YES JUST ONE!!!!!)
2- one gift of something they need (headband/hair barettas, water bottle, sleeping bag,etc.)
3- one gift of something they can wear (they are always growing....)
4- one gift of something that they can read (at any age they need to be reading)
5- one gift of something that is homemade (simple is fine for all you non crafters)

Gift 1:
Just how do you pick just one gift from that list that is never ending...don't!!!! Make them pick....tricky parents on the loose.  Ask your child in a setting that is netrual,for example the car while going to school, the kitchen while cooking supper together, pushing the cart at the store.  Then ask if they had to pick just one item from their wish list, what would they choose? Explain it in a way that if you could have just one thing, it would be.....what would their pick be? You could also extend this to other family members and friends as well and have your child ask them so that it would become a game. This way you find out what they think is the most important thing and they see what is really special to others as well.

Gift 2:
This is one of those that the parents have to pick because you have seen what is a real need for your child. Have you seen that every hair bow is missing? They need a new hair brush or toothbrush because it's been months or even years since it's been replaced. Plus you can find coupons to help you save more money on these items.  I recently scored a new electric razor for some of my families members that was originally $100 for more than 75% off with a coupon. It may take a little work but you reap the benefits.

Gift 3:
Gift of something that they can wear is so easy right...sort of. Does your child need a new coat or shoes? Yes, most kids will not like to open a gift of clothing but they will love those cool scarf, gloves, and awesome hat when it snows. Those jeans have the knees worn out or their shoes rubbing their toes.....replace and gift three is done. Check the ads and find your deals. 

Gift 4:
The gift of reading...yes reading!!!! When was the last time that you sat down and read with your child? When was the last time that you had a family reading time? When was the the last time that someone in your house picked up a book on their own without it being school or work related? So change that, give the gift of reading. Kids into Legos and Starwars....there are books for that. Grandma loves gardening....there are books for that. Husband loves tractors....there are books for that.  Each year we give our son the Kids Almanac for the next year which features things about entertainment, sports, nature, and everything else that one boy would be curious about. He loves getting it and it stays on his headboard or in the car so that he can read it as we run the errands. How happy would you be to look back and see a backseat fill of readers? Even children who have not learned to read can still tell you the story from the pictures of a picture book. Check out the many reading clubs online that offer something for your kid's classroom as well. Buy a book and give a book to those in need.

Gift 5:
Homemade really? I'm not crafty......I don't do DIY projects......I don't have a creative bone in my body....STOP THE EXCUSES!!!! Check out Google or my personal favorite Pinterest to find tons of easy gifts that your child will love that you made just for them. Need something simpler...make a photo frame or frames with a collection of your favorite family photos of the past year. Frames from the store that is cheaper than a from computer....add some stickers and there you have it. Or for that boy, give him a pinewood derby car kit from your local craft store (around $6.00) and make it together over the long holiday break. Time spent making the project is often better than the finished project.

So you don't know about this idea...
Believe me for years I stressed (and still do stress over) what to get my kiddo(s) but have used this over the last several years and it has made a tremendous difference in the holiday time spent together and holiday time just spent out without the memories. I don't know about you but I choose the memeries spent not the money spent.

(Google and Pinterest are trademarked by their sites)

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