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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

8 GREAT gifts for kids that AREN'T toys

  1. Subscriptions- Kids love to receive mail, and there are many high quality magazines, as well as activity box subscriptions that will come right to your door.                                      
  2. Classes- Dance, karate, pottery, whatever your child is interested in, find a class in your area and surprise them.
  3. Have a "Yes" day- Designate one day to be a "Yes" day, when no reasonable request will be denied.  Roller skating, doughnuts for lunch, blanket forts in the dining room-why not!
  4. Events- Tickets to sporting events, the movies, the circus, the possibilities are endless. 
  5. Memberships- Memberships to clubs, local children's museums, (did you know there are 2 within driving distance of Salisbury??) or the zoo are gifts that children will be able to use throughout the year, and will be fun for the whole family. 
  6. Day Trips- Choose three of four options, picking apples in an orchard in the mountains, fishing at the lake, or spending the day at a water park, and let them choose which trip to take.  
  7. An Activity Box- Spend an hour putting together one or several activity boxes for you and your child to do together, Tinker boxes for your little engineer, or a box with a new recipe and ingredients for your aspiring chef will surely be a big hit. Pinterest is overflowing with ideas for these. 
  8. YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION-  Put your cell phone away, turn off the television, and play a board game, read a book, play basketball, or just talk with your child.  The greatest gift you can give them is your time. 

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