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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I’ve been pining for a light table for some time now. I had so many ideas for its use, but they’re SO expensive. I found a website with instructions on a cheap and easy do-it-yourself light box. To build a light box, you’ll need to purchase:

A plastic storage bin (You decide how large you want your light box to be.)

A can of frosted spray paint (Spray a couple coats on the inside of the lid to defuse the light a bit.)

Aluminum foil (Line the inside of your light box in order to reflect the light upward.)


A can of plastic primer spray paint and a can of silver metallic spray paint. (Spray the inside of the box.)

Florescent lights or touch pod light (Battery powered lights will allow your light box to be easily portable. The electrical plug-in version means you won’t have to buy or replace batteries.)
Possible uses for a light box:

Exploration of small objects such as shells, glass stones, crystal rocks, objects from nature ----The possibilities are endless

Art – such as painting on paper or painting directly onto top of the light box

Observing shapes, colors, and sizes – contrasting and sorting objects

·         Imagination – It’s amazing what the children can create               

Katherine Generaux

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